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I specialise in carving sculpture in stone. It's a wonderful material - beautiful, strong and enduring. I love to carve directly in stone, using hand held tools, so that I'm intimately involved in the production of my sculpture from start to finish. My creative process begins with drawing to develop ideas and arrive at an initial design. I refer to these drawings whilst carving, using them as a guide rather than a definitive blueprint because I want to respond to the character of the stone, working with the material rather than imposing upon it, letting it speak to me - that's the beauty of hand carving.


Bringing Art to Everyone

Melanie Wilks Sculptor is a well respected and thriving Sculpture Studio in West Yorkshire. With a history of commitment toward students and artists. Whilst dedicated to producing my own art and community art, I am also devoted to bringing the artist out in my students. Offering classes to adults and teens both workshops and private lessons, there’s something for anyone looking to foster their creativity. Teaching form and function to all artists and guests that come to Melanie Wilks Sculptor seeking a fun, relaxing, and well rounded artistic experience.


Artistic Values

Arts Practise

Biographical in nature, my sculpture often reflects what is happening in my life at the time of making or in the recent past. Themes relate to the human condition, we all share common experiences in life and share similar feelings, hopefully some will resonate with others.

Besides my personal artistic practise, I also create original work to commission. In a career spanning more than thirty years, I've produced many publicly sited sculptures as well as for private homes and gardens. My sculpture can be seen in towns, parks and public spaces across the North.



Learn and Grow

Stone Sculpture Workshops

Stone Sculpture Workshop


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