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Public Sculpture 2007 - 2009

Commissioned Sculpture sited in Public Spaces

The Weaver.jpg

The Weaver

Yorkshire Sandstone 2007

Hand carved from locally quarried Yorkshire Sandstone, commissioned by Morley Murals the sculpture celebrates the industry and history of the local people. The Weaver now stands at the front of Morley Town Hall.


The Miner

Yorkshire Sandstone 2007

The partner sculpture to the Weaver. The Miner, depicted in a cloth cap and clogs as worn in the 1900s, holds a pit prop hammer, his lamp at his feet. Now sited in front of Morley Town Hall

Water Nymph.jpg

Water Nymph

Yorkshire Sandstone 'Tiger Stripe' 2008

Inspired by the naturally occurring spring in Churwell village, I chose the stone from the top of the quarry because it has a very distinctive bed giving the sculpture the impression of water reflecting on the surface of the figure. The Water Nymph was Commissioned by Churwell Action Group and is now sited in Churwell Park, Leeds

Lofthouse Miner.jpg

Lofthouse Miner

Yorkshire Sandstone 2009

The former mining community of Lofthouse along with Leeds City Councillors commissioned the Miner sculpture to honour the history of the area. Lofthouse colliery closed in July 1981, the sculpture depicts a faceworker wearing items typically from the1950s to late 1970s.

Public Sculpture: Portfolio

Public Sculpture 2010 to 2012

Commissioned Sculpture in Public Spaces

Beginning Ernine Wise Sculpture.jpg

 Beginning the Carving of the Ernie Wise Statue

 Yorkshire Sandstone 2010

Commissioned by Morley Murals and Mrs Doreen Wiseman (Ernie Wise's widow) and carved by hand from a single block of Yorkshire Sandstone from Howley Park Quarry, the image shows the carving in its early stages, the original stone block was 11 feet high and weighed 6 tonnes. I began work June 2010, it took 6 months to carve.

Ernie Wise Morley Town Centre.jpg

Ernie Wise Statue

Yorkshire Sandstone 2010

Ernie Wise first performed at Morley Pavillion when he was just 13 years old, winning a talent competition. Doreen Wiseman said that Ernie saw himself as predominantly a song and dance man, the figure is depicted performing a turn/kick dance move with battered straw boater in hand. His umbrella makes reference to his famous spoof of the Gene Kelly 'Singing in the Rain' routine. Mrs Wiseman personally approved the siting of the sculpture in Morley Town Centre.

Animal Memorial copy.jpg

Animal War Memorial

Yorkshire Sandstone 2011

This sculpture commemorates all animals that served humanity and died in wartime, from the millions of horses that perished in the First World War to messenger pigeons, from the cats who kept the trenches free of vermin to, most recently, the sniffer dogs detecting the presence of bombs. Sited at Dartmouth Park, Morley

Mosaics 1.jpg

Woodkirk Mosaics

Ceramic Mosaics set in York Stone 2012

A series of mosaics bordering the Leeds to Dewsbury Road at Woodkirk. Each mosaic represents a moment in the history of the area, forming an historic timeline from the Viking Parliament to the present day computer age.

Public Sculpture: Portfolio

Public Sculpture 2013 - 2017

Commissioned Sculpture in Public Spaces

Harriet Tubman Memorial Sculpture.jpg

Harriet Tubman Memorial Sculpture

Maltese Limestone 2013

Commissioned by Black History Month and Kirklees Council. To mark the hundredth anniversary of the death of Harriet Tubman, a civil rights campaigner who enabled over 1000 people to escape slavery. To come up with the concept for the sculpture I worked with students from the Netherhall Learning Campus, Huddersfield. The portrait sits upon a plinth onto which I carved reliefs inspired by African art and culture. On display in Huddersfield Library and Art Gallery



Yorkstone 2013

Commissioned by Leeds City Council Parks and Leisure, this sculpture celebrates the two communities of Woodlesford and Oulton working together, sited in a park at Woodlesford.

Packhorse Sculpture.jpg

Packhorse Sculpture

Sandstone 2015

Commissioned by the Milestone Society as part of the 'Crossing the Pennines' project to restore an ancient Packhorse Trail across the pennines. The sculpture is sited in Marsden on the Packhorse Trail.


St Mary's Sculpture

Yorkshire Sandstone 2017

A sculpture that depicts the historical timeline of the ancient site of St Mary's  in the Wood, surmounted by a Saxon inspired cross. Sited in Scatcherd Park, Morley

Public Sculpture: Portfolio
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